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Our VIP members can enjoy 20% off on every new release for the first 3 days.  To receive the 20% off, read the sign located near the vendor for instructions.


All the items we sell are original mesh created by us and can only be purchased in our in-world store or through our website/marketplace.   We do not use pre-made templates.  All textures are created by us using cutting edge graphic software.


We provide free demos for all our products.  Please try a demo before purchase to ensure our products fit your body the way it was intended in design.


If an item is already on sale, or marked down, you may not use an additional discount or promo code on that particular item. Timed promos are exempt from gift cards as well, since a 3rd party script is used that is incompatible with our vendor system.


If you have purchased the same item, in the same color, send us the transaction information by using our contact form.  Please make sure you specify which color you wished to purchased so that the item may be sent to you.  This has to happen within 48 hours of purchase being made.


When gifting our products, make sure to select the gift option from the vendor, the enter the recipient's legacy name.  The vendor will confirm this back to you, and then you'll be prompted to pay the vendor.  If you purchase the product for yourself, without following these steps, we will not be able to send the product to the recipient you intended it for.


If you have left the group for any reason you'll have to pay the full fee, or wait until it goes on sale, to join again.  To be notified of this and other discounts/specials, please subscribe to our mailing list by touching the subscribe terminal at the main store.


If you have purchased a product from our main store and have not received it, visit our in-world store and have it re-delivered to you by using the re-delivery terminal located by the counter in our store.  If you have not received a product you purchased online or an event, please send us the transaction information within 48 hours from purchase, and we will send the item to you.  


To use promo codes, touch vendor then select BUY from the menu.  A new menu will pop up giving you the information on the item as well as the options to pay by lindens, gift card, or to enter a promo code.  If you select the promo code button, a new pop up will prompt you to enter the code.  Once the code is entered the price will adjust and you can right click vendor and pay to purchase the item.  For gift cards or store credit, follow the same instructions as for promo codes, but instead of selecting promo code select gift card or store credit.  If the balance of the gift card or your store credit is lower than the price of the item, you will be prompted afterwards to pay the remaining balance in lindens.

Our products are set to Copy / No Modify / No Transfer.  Since they cannot be transferred back to us, we will not be able to issue a refund.

Demos are provided for ALL our products in the store, at events, and online through the SL marketplace website.  Please try a demo before purchase, there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS.  


If you have purchased a product and haven't received it, please use the redelivery terminal located inside the main store.  If you are still unable to receive the product it might be due to blocking the owner.  Please check your blacklist.

Starting in January 2023 all our released products will be sized for the following female mesh bodies:

Legacy / Legacy Perky


Lara / Lara Petite

GenX Classic / Curvy

Occasionally, an old release will be updated to the current sizes and re-released. 


To check store credit or gift card balance, right click on any vendor and from the pop-up menu select view balance.  Your store credit and gift card balance will be listed in local chat.  To use store credit, click on a vendor, select buy, then store credit.  At this point the vendor will send you a message pop-up letting you know the remaining credit balance after purchase.  If your store credit balance is less than the cost of the item, the remaining balance will be taken from your linden amount once you pay the vendor.  New arrivals, gift cards, and already discounted items cannot be purchased using store credit.

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