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Rapture is an original mesh, luxurious, virtual fashion brand launched by TPD L.L.C in 2014 and created for the virtual world of Second Life.  All items sold under the Rapture label, including the textures used for our designs, are created by us using cutting edge technology and latest design knowledge.  There are currently a range of products under the Rapture label.  These products include footwear, jewelry, accessories, and female clothing for avatars. The Rapture label is only sold in Second Life at our virtual store, which is located on the Fire Ridge sim, through our online marketplace, and at monthly events in Second Life.


Gin Blade (GinPhx) - Founder and Designer

All items are created by me. I've created for Second Life since 2014 and it's been both an adventure and a long learning process. I have a background in fashion design, which I now use in creating 3D clothing and costumes for avatars in virtual worlds.  Fashion has been my passion from an early age.  Everything I create is original mesh, which comes from inspiration found all around me. 


Logan Raff (Djkye) - Brand Manager / Blogger Manager

It's a pleasure to work with such a special friend who has a beautiful soul (best friends with Gin for many years).  I am the point of contact for anything related to Rapture and our super-star bloggers.  In my spare time I love to ride horses and explore the beautiful world of Second Life.

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