Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Please review the questions below, it may help answer your own question! If you don't see an answer that will help you, please contact us through the online form.


We cannot provide information on items used in our photo ads to accessorize our garments, if they are not created by us, so please don't ask.  If they are created by us they will be sold along with the item featured.


All our products are sized for the following female mesh bodies:

-Maitreya / Lara

-Belleza / Isis / Freya

-Slink  / Hourglass


Our products are set to Copy / No Modify / No Transfer, with the exception of our Gacha items.  Gacha items cannot be replaced as there is no way to prove which item you have purchased/received from the machine.  Please take care when accepting or unpacking these items.  

Demos are provided for ALL our products in the store, at events, and online through the SL marketplace website.  Please try a demo before purchase.  


If you have purchased a product from our main store and have not received it, visit our in-world store and have it re-delivered to you by using the re-delivery terminal located on the counter in our front lobby.  If you have not received a product you purchased online or an event, please send us the transaction information within 48 hours from purchase, and the item will be sent to you within 24 hours.  


When you play one of our gacha machines, all we see is a transaction indicating you did pay us the amount for that particular play.  We have no way of identifying which product you received, or did not receive.  Therefore, we cannot replace any lost, unaccepted, or accidentally deleted gacha items.


If you have purchased the same item, in the same color, send us the transaction information by using our contact form.  Please make sure you specify which color you wished to purchased so that the item may be sent to you.  This has to happen within 48 hours of purchase being made.


All the items we sell are original mesh created by us and can only be purchased in our in-world store or through our website/marketplace.   We do not use pre-made templates.  All textures are created by us using cutting edge graphic software.


Our products are packed in HUDs which are placed in bags with other information about our store.  Please right click on the object received in your inventory and select "add".  The bag will attach to your avatar after which you may click it to receive the unpacking HUD.  Please add the HUD to your avatar.  DO NOT rez it on the ground. The HUD will attached on the center, lower part of your screen.  Click "Unpack" on the HUD.  In the upper, right corner of your screen you'll notice a blue menu asking if you would like to accept the product.  Click "accept" and the product will be in your inventory in a folder named exactly as the product name.




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