♥ Thank you for your interest in becoming a Chat Mod for Rapture ♥


We are looking for 4-5 new amazing ladies to join our team!  Please read the application carefully and fill it out completely.  We prefer at least 7 hours total per week broken up in 30 minute intervals.  This is a permanent position.

About You: 

-Can start conversation very easily

-Enjoys being social and talking to different types of people

-Able to remain professional in difficult situations

-Has a good amount of free time in SL and looking for a fun way to fill it

Chat Mod Position:

-Start group chats

-See how people are doing

-Direct customers to the correct person for help

-Answer simple CSR questions (events, dates, LMs, etc) or forward them to    managers

-Create fun group activities such as trivia at least once a week for 30 minutes

-Be familiar with new release in case people have questions


-Access to our Blogotex as a VIP 
-A monthly pay depending on experience and availability.

♥Rapture Team
Gin Rayna - Owner (GinPhx)
Logan Raff - Brand Manager (Djkye)

Lakaluka - Blogger Manager

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